All Pacific 12 Conference Team Honors

These oarsmen were recognized by the conference as the best athlete on their teams. The coach from each member school nominates an athlete. The athlete receives a plaque from the Pac-12 conference with his name and sport and the year in which he earned the award. It's a substantial honor, the best that the Pac-12 can provide. Making the All Pac-12 rowing team is as difficult and as prestigious as making any conference team.


Devon McCornack

John Dorscher

Max Vaughn

William Miedema

Josh Wadagnolo

James Dorsey

Mitch Williams

Karl Huhta

Patrick Pursley

Luke Jones

Danny Brevick

Danny Brevick

Carl Cronk

Carl Cronk

Ryan Herrington

Lucas Olena

Jason Hizer

Shawn Bagnall

Thad Smith

Jesse Wolf

Geoff Owen

Jon Walston

Sean Halstead

Mike Kawata

Paul Hutteball

Kent McCleary

Bob Barton

Eric Weseman

Mike McQuaid

Jess O'dell

Paul Hensel

Don Ernsdorff

John Lafer

John Holtman

Rich Ray

Doug Engle


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