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Message from Jason Lackie, Cougar Crew Alumni Race Coordiantor

Fellow Alumni and Oarsmen,

Over the past four years there has been a concerted effort put forth to engage alumni in racing events outside of Cougar Crew Days. Since 2007 weve been able to field at least a single 8 each fall at the Head of the Lake Regatta in Seattle, WA. This has proven to be a great opportunity for alumni to have continued connection with the team throughout the year. To better coordinate alumni racing with the team, Coach Ericsson and I have added the position of Alumni Race Coordinator to the Cougar Crew Alumni Association. It is our hope that by organizing efforts we can further engage alumni with competition opportunities and provide a venue for newly graduated oarsmen to remain involved with the team.

As we all know, racing and transportation for events are not free. Until this year WSU Mens Rowing has taken responsibility for covering entry fees and making available racing equipment for the alumni boats. For the first time this fall, the costs for competing will be covered by the alumni boats - it is our goal to have events such as this become fund raising opportunities for the club. We are working hard to ensure costs for participants are very affordable. Hard figures per boat entry will be made available as more information about the race is posted.

Our team, rowers and alumni, demonstrate amazing dedication to both rowing and Cougar Crew year after year. Just being able to coordinate a group of alumni willing to train for and race a 5k is a testament to that devotion. Head of the Lake is a major race at a very visible venue that provides ideal exposure for our club. It says something that there is a WSU Alumni boat in the Mens Masters 8+ and being competitive in that race says even more for our drive as an ever growing team. This year along with an entry fee each rower will be asked to submit a 5k erg time along with their current weight. Most competitive scores will be given boat priority.

All are welcome to participate. With increased potential for additional trailer space the number of boat entries is really only limited by interest. Right now, we are hoping to build both a heavy weight and light weight boat , with the possibility of an additional 4 or 8. Please contact to be added to the mailing list for upcoming alumni races and information as well as if you have any questions regarding these exciting changes.

Happy Training,

Jason Lackie