Snake River

The Snake River provides us with an ideal body of water on which to hone our technical skills and develop smooth powerful strokes. With its low amount of boat traffic and long open stretches of calm water, it allows us to train for all of our races and pull those long steady state pieces without turning around too often.


The Club Team constructed the Ken Abbey Boathouse back in the Fall of 1985. It continues to provide a storage area for both the Men's and Women's Shells.

Erg Room and Conditioning Center

Located behind Martin Stadium, our current "Erg Room" is the top floor of the Hollingberry Fieldhouse. With a fleet of Concept2 ergs and a small assortment of focused weightlifting equipment (the majority of our weight training is done in the Student Recreation Center). Most of the training done here is during the winter months when the weather does not allow us to go to the boathouse. All in all, the Erg Room is a place where many memories are made and remembered, for it holds a warm place in the hearts of many Cougar oarsmen.

Student Recreation Center

Washington State University is the proud owner of one of the Nations premier student recreation centers. This serves the WSU Men's Crew Team three days a week as a place to gather for weightlifting sessions to improve core body strength and decrease the likelihood of injury. Although it lacks the aura of the Varsity weight room, it provides us with a warm dry place to life weights at 6:00AM several times a week. For more information about the WSU Student Recreation Center go to the WSU University Recreation website.


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