Along with the mandatory dues that are required by each rower and coxswain, we complete several fundraisers to supplement the cash flow that the club requires. Below is a list of fundraising ventures that the team completes throughout the school year.


Every little bit helps and donations are no different. Donations are just another way we raise money. So, if you feel you are in a giving mood and want to give to our great team you can do so on our contributions page. Thank you so much for your support!

Tables and Chairs

Tables and Chairs is one of the oldest, most challenging, and most enjoyable fundraisers completed by the Men's Cougar Crew. The Team is responsible for setting up and taking down all of the tables in the Fieldhouse and those used for the Cougarmania festivities as well at each home football game. Some of the freshmen always quiver when they see a varsity oarsman running around with four tables on their back for the first time, but it provides a great opportunity to come together as a team and get to know all of the new guys in the fall. We enjoy working as fast as possible and look forward to breaking our record time again next fall.


In addition to the tables and chairs fundraiser that the rowers work so hard on, we will be adding the set-up of tents in the alumni area for home football games. This adds a significant amount of time and work to this fundraiser, but our team is up for the challenge.


Spring 2016 Rent-A-Rower dates will be March 11th, 12th, 25th, 26th, and May 7th

Rent-A-Rower is a chance for our club team to raise crucial funds to help us represent Washington State University as a competitive rowing team. Our goal is to work hard for you to help you get important jobs done well. For $13/hour per rower we can perform most common labor jobs. All kinds of yardwork, loading, cleaning, hauling, moving, etc. Whether you need a small crew or a large one, please click here to submit a job request (you don't need to sign in with a network ID to fill out this form). Jobs are assigned on a first come basis. Jobs that are two hours or more will be prioritized. We ask that those hiring provide the necessary tools. Please help provide work and pay for the length of the job request, otherwise we are unable to maximize our fundraising efforts and lose money. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Gratuity is always appreciated if you feel we have exceeded your expectations. If you have a job that needs to be done on a date outside of our Rent-A-Rower schedule feel free to submit a request, we will give it consideration, but we are student athletes and we may or may not be able to accommodate.


The rowathon event is one of our coaching staff's favorite, because it does not take us away from our training! We solicit the help of our friends, family, and alumni and ask them to generously support our rowers as they pull 90 minute shifts on the rowing machines out on Glenn Terrell Mall. Many donors choose to support their sponsored oarsmen per meter, and many just support with a flat sum. We keep up to five ergs going for two twelve hour shifts. We appreciate the very generous support of everyone that makes this fundraiser such a success. In the past we have contributed 50% of our on Campus donations to the Grand Avenue Green Fund, and have most recently contributed to the Jaimeson Jones memorial fund.

Christmas Catalog Sale

Our Christmas Catalog is one of our favorite fundraisers because we get to offer the friends of Cougar Crew so many great pieces of Men's Cougar Crew merchandise. We take great pride in our Team, and that is why we give them the chance to support Men's Cougar Crew wherever they go. We put together a catalog that displays various apparel items as well as numerous other gift ideas such as cozy blankets and handy travel bags.

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