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2000 (Photo Album)
The Erg room was moved from Stillman Hall to its current location at the Hollingberry Fieldhouse.

Head of the Lake

2001 (Photo Album)
WSU's Varsity 4 beat Gonzaga during a duel in the spring of 2001.

2002 (Photo Album)
In 2002 the Varsity 8 finished 2nd in the Petite Final at the Pac 10 Championships, placing 8th overall.

In the spring of 2003 WSU placed 2nd to Western Washington University at the Northwest Rowing Council in Lake Stevens.

The Varsity 4 won their final at IRAs to finish 13th out of 26 on June 1st 2003 in Camden, New Jersey.

The Varsity 8 beat Gonzaga at the Head of the Spokane on October 25th 2003, for the first time in many years.

Husky Invite

UW Duel

2003 (Photo Album)
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Gonzaga Duel

Cascade Sprints


2004 (Photo Album)
The start of 2004 spring racing season began on March 27th at the Daffodil Cup Regatta in Tacoma. It was a blustery day with 12-18 knot headwinds and white caps on the starting line. Numerous crews throughout all events were affected by repeated crabs. The first race for the Cougs was the V8+, where WSU raced to a second place finish behind Uni. of Puget Sound. The second race of the day brought more of the same for the Cougs, as the JV8+ finished second to UPS as well. The Western Washington V4+ showed their early-season speed as they captured their event, with WSU coming in at 5th place out of 7 crews. Luckily the Novice 8+ was able to bring some fortune to the Crew as they battled the elements and Lewis & Clark College and UPS to a victory in the three boat event.

The following weekend found the Cougars on Mission Bay, CA for the San Diego Crew Classic. In their heats, the WSU V8+ found themselves finishing in 4th and the Novice 8+ finishing 3rd, relegating them both to the petite finals. In the Men's Cal Cup petite final, the WSU V8+ finished in 6th place, giving them a 12th place finish overall. The Cougar Novice 8+ also took 6th in their petite final, which landed them 12th overall for the weekend.

Next on the schedule for the Cougars was the annual duel with the University of Washington. The racing took place on the Montlake Cut in Seattle, and in each of the races, the mighty Huskies came out victorious over the upset-minded Cougars in all events.

On April 24th, the Cougars hosted Gonzaga in the annual Fawley Cup duel race. The Varsity 8+, JV 8+, and Novice 8+ events were contested, and the Bulldogs came out victorious in all three. GU defeated WSU in the V8+ by 11 seconds, and although the racing was close in the JV and N8+ races, Gonzaga defeated the Cougars by 4 seconds in both races.

At the PCRC/Pac-10 Conference Championships, the first day of racing was extremely exciting and rewarding for the Cougars. The WSU V4+ of Julia Anderson, Danny Brevick, Peter Brevick, Chris Kanyer and Joey Tennison won the bronze medal at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships. On Sunday, the WSU V8+ won their petite final, placing 7th in the Pac-10 Conference.

To end the season, the bronze medal crew from PCRCs went to Camden, New Jersey to represent WSU at the IRA National Championships. After some tough racing, WSU finished 5th in the 3rd Semifinal, ending the 2004 spring racing season with a 17th overall placing in the V4+ event.

The fall of 2004 started off with a new mentality for the Cougars. Head Coach Michelle Kistler left the team as her family grew with the arrival of a new child, and Arthur Ericsson came to the Cougars by way of Sacramento, California to assume the position of Head Coach. Taking over the largest varsity team WSU had had in years, Coach Ericsson began to implement his detailed and stringent training plan, and the Cougs began to see results. On October 16th, the V8+ defeated Gonzaga at the Head of the Spokane for the second year in a row. Also winning were the JV8+ and the V4+.

At the Head of the Silcox in Tacoma, WA, WSU took first in each event. The V8+, V4+, JV8+, and VLwt4+ all claimed victories over the 4,600 meter course. "Today was some great racing, and our varsity on a whole stepped up to the challenge and showed good depth," said Coach Ericsson. As the morning progressed, the weather stayed true to American Lake-form and a vicious chop began churning over the course, and racing was delayed as officials decided what was to be done for the novice 8+ race. Eventually it was agreed upon that the novice event would be raced over a 1500 meter straight-shot course with staggered starts from the left hand side direction of the docks, where the water appeared to be in the best condition. When it was all said and done, the 3 WSU entries finished 1-2-3, with the novice B crew taking first over the A and C crews. Once the boats had returned to land, the story of the racing in the novice event took shape: The A boat apparently clashed oars with the UPS entry on two separate occasions, causing the coxswain to weigh enough her crew after the first one, and causing a massive crab on the second clashing. Upon hearing the A boat's explanation of the race result, all Novice B boater Tak Niino could muster was, "Excuses, excuses, excuses"

For the last race of the fall, the Cougars headed west to Seattle for the annual Head of the Lake Regatta, hosted by the Lake Washington Rowing Club. Facing a stacked lineup of very worthy competition, this was a chance to show their speed on a slightly larger scale against some fast-moving crews from all over the country. WSU had two entries in the event: the V8+ and JV8+. For the Varsity 8+, this raced capped the fall season on a great note. After the loss to Gonzaga at Head of the Snake, the Cougars had increased their training for this regatta, and they rowed their best race of the season as they finished a very respectable 5th out of 8 entries. Losing to Pac-10 varsity foes Washington and Oregon State, and Canadian powers Uni. Of Victoria and U of British Columbia, the Cougars finished ahead of Gonzaga, Pocock Rowing Center Elites, and perennial club power UC-Davis. Going into winter training, being equally competitive with Gonzaga and UC-Davis was a great motivation that WSU Men's Crew hadn't had in years.

The JV eight however did not have good fortune in their cards on this day. The Cougs unfortunately suffered breakage of the stroke Mark Knue's rigger only five strokes into the race. The oar lock pin snapped, rendering Knue and his oar useless. Even though they were a man down, the JV managed to hold off PLU's varsity eight with only seven rowers to finish "not last." The mechanical failure was a hard-hitting blow to the JV boat, but they knew that hitting winter training hard would pay off come spring racing.

The last of the note-worthy occurrences from the fall of 2004 was Coach Ericsson's successful bid to have WSU accepted into the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Conference. The WIRA Championships take place the same weekend as the Opening Day regatta in Seattle, which the Cougars have traditionally participated in. However, the trade-off is far more beneficial for the Crew, as the opportunity to race for a second conference championship against teams they are competitive against (Gonzaga, UC Davis, Sacramento State, Loyola Marymount, just to name a few) is too good to pass up. WIRAs offers a diverse set of racing options as well, with events for pairs racing, lightweight racing, and a 2nd novice eight event. Plus the betting of tanks is mandatory for all races! This coming spring will be the first opportunity for the Cougars to race at WIRAs, and it will be an exciting and (hopefully) rewarding weekend that will fully test every ounce of the Crew's rowing abilities, and it falls two-weeks before the Pac-10 Championships.

Prepared by oarsman Karl Huhta '08


Head of the Spokane

Head of the Silcox

2005 (Photo Album)
In the fall of 2003, Commodore Danny Brevick and then Head Coach Michelle Kistler knew that for the Cougar Crew to really succeed, it needed to reestablish its relationship with its alumni. The connection to the previous 33 years had almost been entirely lost, but Brevick and Kistler would not be deterred. After a slow start, alumni began to return in contact with the crew, and in the spring of 2005, the Cougar Crew Alumni Association (CCAA) was formed with the purpose to further WSU Men's Crew and to reconnect alumni with the current affairs of the rowing program.

Spring racing began with the Daffodil Cup in Tacoma, WA. Typical American Lake in early spring weather awaited the Cougars, with a 15 mph head wind and a bitterly cold, soaking rain. The team brought a strong fall racing season and a very productive winter training plan into the first racing weekend of the season. But, for whatever reason, the Crew came out flat, and the V8+ took a disappointing second behind UPS. The JV8+ followed suit, and raced a flat race. They too came in behind UPS. The LightweightV4+ and Novice Lightweight 4+ also had disappointing finishes. Even though the V4+ won, the day of racing was unsuccessful, and was capped with a souring end to the day with the novice 8+ race. With about 100 meters to go, the novice 8+ was in the lead by about a length over the field, when 2-seat Hal Iverson's rigger was engulfed by a wave, bringing the Cougar boat to a dead stop. As the novice fought to build back up to speed to finish the race, they were passed by 3 crews, and finished the race going from 1st to 4th.

The San Diego Crew Classic came as a good chance for the Cougars to make up for their performance at Daffodil Cup and race some top competition in the V8+ and the Novice 8+. The V8+ really began to tap into their potential, as they finished the weekend with a strong 8th overall finish in the Cal Cup. A strong push at the 1000 meter mark vaulted the Cougs from 4th to second, and it was a position they wouldn't relinquish. The N8+ had a strong weekend also, qualifying for the petite final after finishing only 3 seconds behind Stanford as they raced out of infamous lane 6, and Stanford held lane 1. The N8+ went on to finish 9th overall on the weekend, taking 3rd in the petite behind UCLA and Sonoma State.

After a bye week, the Cougs battled the Huskies on the Snake River for the annual Apple Cup of rowing. The results from this regatta were the closest they'd been in years. The Huskies swept the Cougars, but by narrow margins in several events. In the Varsity 8+, the Cougs lost to UW by a heart-breaking 1 second. They were together the length of the race, but the Huskies had just enough to hold off the Cougar eight. The JV and N8+ race was a combination race, where both the WSU and UW entries in those events raced at one time, with both Husky crews winning, followed by the Novice 8+, and the JV 8+ in last. And if the V8+ race wasn't enough hurt for the Cougar varsity, the V4+ fell to the Huskies on a slightly shortened course (due to poor water conditions) by .8 seconds. "We let them slip away today," regretted junior Peter Brevick. "We should have won both races, and we came up short. Today's results are tough to deal with."

The next weekend, April 20th, found the Cougars racing arch rival Gonzaga in Spokane for the Fawley Cup. There were four races that day, but the highly anticipated showdown between the varsity eights was the focus of the day. "Going into the race, we knew we had a chance," said Commodore Danny Brevick. "We just needed to be with them in the last 500 and anything could happen." The race came to an epic sprint at the end, as GU was famous for their strong finishes, and WSU had unified themselves as a "sprint" crew where they moved the strongest at the end. The last few strokes determined the race, and Gonzaga prevailed by just over 1 second. Just like the week prior, the Cougs were so close, but couldn't come out the victor. The novice eight race was close as well, but the Cougars were not able to execute the race plan effectively, and a crab by 7-seat Shawn Wood (who raced earlier in the day and then hotseated from the JV8+) in the last 400 meters ended the novices" hopes of a win.

10 days later, with some time to regroup and move on from the Fawley Cup racing, the Cougars traveled to the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) conference championships in Sacramento, CA for the first time ever. The weekend's racing was very good for the Cougars, and they made their statement as the newest members of the WIRA Conference. The LWT V4+ captured the first WIRA medal for the Crew by taking bronze. The Novice 8+ won their heat and finished 5th overall in the WIRA conference, and the V8+ finished 6th overall, winning the petite final by over a length of open water.

Two weeks later and after another great school year, the Cougars headed back to Lake Natoma for the PCRC/Pac-10 Championships. At PCRCs, the Coug small boats were looking to make an impression, and bring some some medals. The Lightweight V4+ WIRA bronze medalists captured the silver PCRC medal. The Open 8+ won a silver medal at this regatta, pulling a fast time of 6:10 and finished behind OCC. The highlight of the day however went to the V4+. Racing in the Open 4+ event, the Cougars laid down a fast time and won rowing away from Pac-10 foes Cal, Stanford, USC (among other crews) to capture the gold. "It feels very rewarding to beat such strong opponents today. We definitely rowed to what we are capable of," said senior Danny Brevick.

At the Pac-10 Championships, the Novice 8+ qualified for the Grand Final for the first time in twelve years with a finish of 6th place overall. The V8+ won their petite final, finishing 6th overall, and the JV8+ also finished 6th overall in the Pac-10 conference.

As the spring of 2005 concluded, Danny Brevick graduated as one of the most elemental oarsmen in Cougar Crew history. Brevick was the team Treasurer as a sophomore and the only rower in crew history to be voted team Commodore twice. He was an all Pac-10 Conference rower twice, he was instrumental in forming the CCAA, and had the Daniel K. Brevick Visionary Award named in his honor.

Going into the fall of 2005, the Cougars knew that this year could be different. The varsity of last year had been so close to victory in so many races, and with the departure of only a few seniors, the upcoming novice class could be the answer the Cougs needed to having a season with more successes. Peter Brevick, younger brother of departing Commodore Danny Brevick, took over the position. Several seniors with Peter had proven they had more speed to produce, and going into the first team meeting of the year, things looked promising. Unfortunetly, many returning novices that attended the team meeting left the team only a few days later. This group, more influenced to follow a friend than continue rowing - even though they all claimed they wanted to keep rowing left the varsity with only 12 members. "I remember my thoughts from the beginning of the year," Brevick reflected during the summer after the IRA Championships in June, "and I remember being scared, and essentially thinking 'we're screwed.' That it would take a lot of hard work to come close to the positions the varsity the year before had found themselves in."

With a small team comprised of seasoned veterans and raw varsity-newcomers, the Coach Ericsson and the Cougars began training to make the team as competitive as it possibly could be.

In the first race of the fall, the Cougars got to see where they stood, 12 rowers deep, against rival program Gonzaga at the Head of the Spokane. Although they were not victorious, the Cougars left the course that day feeling very optimistic about only finishing 8 seconds behind the Zags. The following weekend took WSU to Seattle to race in the Fremont 4-Miler. The Cougs took victories in the Men's N8+ and Open 4+ races. The V8+ finished second after an officiating malfunction as to the correct position of the starting line. The Cougars crossed the start not even rowing by all eight, as the starting flag was not posted in the correct position. Even so, the racing solid and it was a good place to start working from.

The next Wednesday found the Cougars hosting a "Head of the Snake" dual with Gonzaga. The women's crews from WSU and GU had raced the previous Friday, so the men's teams squared off on a glassy afternoon in Pullman. The racing was fast, but a steering error by the WSU cox in the V8+ race doomed the Cougs, as they finished 33 seconds behind the Zags.

The Portland Loop Regatta 3 days later was a weekend of both good and bad times. Generously hosted by former novice coach Ginny Bradley, the Cougars were ready to face off against Pac-10 varsity programs Oregon State and Washington. The Saturday of racing started poorly, as the Cougars were shocked to find that when they arrived to the Park to rig, their box containing all nuts and bolts for the riggers had disappeared. With no way to rig, the Huskies came through for the Cougs much like the days of old, as they loaned extra nuts and bolts to the Crew so they would be able to race. And if you were to ask anyone in the V8+ that day what moment was the most nerve-racking, it would be the approach to the starting line. 5 seat Sean Martin's entire rigger had come loose just before the Cougs were to approach the line. Coxswain Jula Anderson passed him her wrench and the Cougs began approaching the line by bow 4. Martin was able to tighten his rigger and stern four added in just a few stroked before they were on. They crossed the line perhaps 1 stroke into being at full pressure. Anderson carved the Struck II up the course, and the V8+ had a fantastic upset against three Oregon State boats en route to a 3rd place finish overall, behind only UW's varsity and JV boats. A thrilling finish to a stressful morning. The Open 4+ took 1st place later that day.

At the Head of the Lake, the last race of the fall, the Cougars squared off against a stacked lineup of competitors. The Huskies again prevailed, and Gonzaga finished ahead of the Cougs by 7 seconds. The conclusion of the fall racing had shown that even with such a small varsity, the Crew had a chance to be competitive with larger programs come the spring.

Prepared by oarsman Karl Huhta '08

Fremont 4-Miler

San Diego Crew Classic


2006 (Photo Album)
In the Fall of 2006, at the Frostbite Regatta in Seattle, WA on Greenlake, the Novice heavyweight crew won the Novice 8+ event by 58 seconds over the 1,000 meter course. This was a huge accomplishment for the Crew, as nearly a minute on a 1K course in essence means beating the other crews by almost a third of the entire race course (results?). The Head of the Lake Regatta is held annually in the Fall season in Seattle, WA. Traditionally it starts on Lake Union, continues east through the Montlake Cut to Lake Washington and finishies near the University of Washington's Conibear Shellhouse. This year, however, it was cancelled for the first time ever due to bad weather.

In the Spring of 2006, the Crew competed again at the Daffodil Cup inTacoma, WA. The Crew won the V8+, N8+, V4+ and JV4+ events, and took 2nd and 3rd in the second N4+ event, 4th in the N4+ event, and 3rd and 4th in the V2-. They Crew travelled back to the east side of the mountains very please because every member of the team medaled and each varsity member won gold. Defeated crews included Western Washington University, Lewis & Clark, University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University, University of Portland, and Evergreen.

At the San Diego Crew Classic in California, the Novice 8+ won the Petite Final, finishing 7th overall. This was the best finish for a Novice 8+ at this regatta in many years.

Saturday, April 15, 2006, just a couple of weeks later, is called, "one of the most historic days in Cougar Crew," by Karl Huhta, varsity oarsman. The Varsity 8+ defeated Gonzaga on the Snake River to capture the Fawley Cup, the first time in 16 years. The Cougars beat Gonzaga by 4.5 seconds (and open water) to retake the Cup. The lineup, from coxswain seat to bow, consisted of coxswain Julia Anderson, stroke seat Luke Jones, seven seat Peter Brevick, six seat Pat Pursley, five seat Chris Jantzen, four seat David Worley, three seat Andrew McCaffrey, two seat Charlie Remington and bow seat Karl Huhta. Falling in between Good Friday and Easter, this day will be forever known by this crew as "Good Saturday," the day the Fawley Cup returned home to Pullman.

Two weeks later at the 2006 WIRA Championships, that same V8+ placed third overall in the Grand Final, bringing home a Bronze medal finish and upsetting the top crews from Loyola Marymount, Orange Coast College and UC Davis. The N4+ finished 4th overall in their Grand Final. Peter Brevick, Luke Jones and coxswain Julia Anderson were the first Cougars to be named to the all-WIRA team. All three made the 2005(?) team

On May 5 of 2006, Varsity oarsman David Worley set the latest all-time fastest 2k time at WSU with a time of 6:06.4.

At PCRC the Open4+ won a gold medal for the second year in a row, and in the process defeated the University of California again for the second year in a row, a tremendous feat.

At the IRA National Championship Regatta, the V4+ advanced to the grand finals placed 5th in the country. This infamous lineup included coxswain Julia Anderson, bow seat Karl Huhta, 2 seat David Worley, 3 seat Peter Brevick, with Luke Jones stroking.

During the summer of 2006, head coach Arthur Ericsson began the first session of the “Palouse Learn to Row” on the Snake River. The first session was comprised of 18 adults of all ages. The success of this first summer set a high standard, and the growing sizes of the following summers are proof of its success.

At the 2006 USRowing National Championship Regatta on the Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis, Indiana, David Worley won two major races, finishing with a bronze medal in the Elite 2- race and a silver medal in the Senior 2- race.

Prepared by oarsman Karl Huhta '08

UPS Duel


Fawley Cup Victory

2007 (Photo Album)
V8+, N8+ take 2nd at Daffodil Cup Regatta in Tacoma, WA. V4+ takes 3rd. 2V4+ wins their event.

Novice 8+ wins Petite Final at the San Diego Crew Classic, finishing 7th overall. Best finish for a Novice 8+ at this regatta in many years.

Head of the Snake



2008 (Photo Album)
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ACRA Nat'l Championships

IRA Nat'l Championships



Head of the Spokane V8+

2009 (Photo Album)

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