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After one of the most successful seasons in WSU Crew history, the Cougs had to spend most of the fall rebuilding their talent and bringing many of the newer underclassmen up to varsity-level speed. Although only 3 members remained from the WIRA-winning crew of 2010, a promising bunch of rookies that just needed some fine-tuning filled in the ranks of the varsity boats and the season ended on a high note.

Before the season got started, the Crew had their second annual Team Triathlon, an Olympic-distance event composed of a 1 mi. swim (or 10k erg), 40 km bike ride, and 10k run, along the scenic banks of the Snake River at Wawawai landing. The Triathlon definitely kept all the rowers in shape over the summer, incorporating cross-training to keep the rowers from being burnt out on rowing and erging year-round. Senior Lightweight Brandon Close won the event, with Senior Jake Logar coming in second.

Starting the year off with the Head of the Spokane, Gonzaga swept all 5 boat classes, with the Cougs finished 26 seconds behind GU in the V8+ event. Continuing on to the Head of the Snake, the Cougs showed some improvement, but still could not quite catch GU in any of the events. While the 1V and 2V 8+s headed to Seattle for the Head of the Lake, the novice, 3V8+, and 4V4+ stayed home to compete in the annual Western Dual against Western Washington University. The Cougs showcased their depth by taking home 4 of 5 races over the 4000m course, with the novice team emphatically putting a good finish to their first-ever fall season, with all three boats (1N8+, 2N8+, and 3N8+) coming out victorious. Over at the Montlake Cut, the 1V8+ and 2V8+ boats closed the gaps on their GU rivals, finishing in 5th and 3rd places, respectively.

The lightweight women, in their 2nd fall as a team, traveled to Salem, OR to race Williamette. Although WSU was bested in the varsity categories, the Novice 8+ won all three head-race pieces in convincing fashion.

Racing was not all that the Cougs did that fall: the usual cornucopia of Rent-a-Rower, Rowathon, and various other fundraisers and extracurriculars put the team in the financial black.

Although the fall season was disappointing, this only provided motivational fuel for the Cougar fire over winter training. Nearly all the athletes set PRs over 2k, 6k, and their hour tests, and the hungry Cougs eagerly hit the water in preparation for the spring season. Class Day was, as usual, a resounding success, with record-setting attendance and a very well-done fundraising campaign. The racing was great, too, as the Juniors beat out the Seniors for the right to take on the Alumni, who showed that old dogs still have plenty of fight in them by winning over 500m!

The first racing of the spring took place at American Lake, with the annual Daffodil Cup. The Cougs sent over their heavyweight JV8+, 4V4+, Novice squad, and lightweight Women, and came away with plenty of hardware. The 1N8+ took home the novice event easily, while the 2N8+, also racing in the same category, were 3rd, and the 3N8+, who were racing as well, took 6th. The heavyweight JV8+, composed of rowers not in the V8+ or the LW8+ heading to San Diego, raced in the V8+ category and was inched out for 3rd place. The Lightweight women finished 6th in their V4+ race and 3rd in the novice 8+ event, racing against exclusively heavyweight crews.

In sunny San Diego (always a rower favorite) the V8+ finished 2nd in their petite finals for an 8th place overall finish. The N8+ also took 2nd in the petite finals, beating several rival WIRA teams in the process. In their first trip to San Diego since 2008, the cougar LWT8+, composed of a core of senior rowers who kept the lightweight tradition alive since 2007, took 2nd in their event to their rivals, Cal Lightweights. Next up on the schedule was the UW dual: UW (who swept the IRA National Championships that year) sent over a powerful squad that took all 5 races from the Cougs. The closest race of the day came in the N8+, where the scrappy Cougs stayed in close contact with the UW 2N8+ for the entire race, despite the fact that none of the WSU rowers had any prior rowing experience before coming to university, while UW's boat was comprised of nearly all seasoned veterans.

The Fawley Cup marked a serious turnaround for the Cougs. In their best-ever performance in this grudge-match against Gonzaga, the Cougs notched victories in the 3V8+ (for the first time ever) and 1V8+ (for only the second time in 20 years) classes. The mystique of the 2006 crew that last beat GU at the Fawley Cup was one that permeated the boathouse, and the victory was extremely satisfying for the senior members of the V8+ and 3V8+ crews. The Cougs not only beat GU, they beat them by open water, in both events. Head Coach Arthur Ericsson took down GU for the second time in his then-7-year head-coaching career at WSU, a historic feat.

At the WIRA conference championships, WSU had its ups and downs. The Cougs came 3rd in the team points trophy, given to the team with best aggregate showing at the regatta: this cemented WSU as one of the powerhouse clubs in the conference, and showcased the depth of the time. The V8+, after a nail biter of a finish, came in 4th in the grand finals, unable to get back on the podium after they won the event the year before. UCLA nudged them out, finishing less than a tenth of a second in front of the Cougs. The N8+, after punching their ticket to the grand finals for the third straight year, came in 6th, with a strong showing that boded well for the future of the crew. The V4+, composed of the top 4 heavyweights not racing in the V8+, also rowed their way into the grand finals, where they finished 5th overall.

The LWT8+, also coming back as defending champions in their event, took 2nd behind Cal by only 2 seconds. The LW4+, comprised of rowers doubling out of the LW8+, also took home some hardware, finishing 3rd.

The 3N8+ both made strong contributions to the WSU points total, with the 3N8+ coming 4th. The 2N8+, racing in the same event, unfortunately lost their skeg and were unable to race.

The lightweight women had another successful WIRAs: the LWN8+ finished first in the third finals, despite racing against exclusively heavyweight competition again. The LWV8+, which had 6 girls who doubled from the N8+ event an hour earlier, came in 3rd overall, winning bronze medals and marking the second year in a row the team has come home with hardware.

For the first time since 2002, the WSU V8+ accepted their invitation to race at the Windermere Cup regatta in Seattle. Fighting high winds, the WSU V8+ took 2nd at the race, as they trialed out new lineups in preparation for the Pac-10 championships.

At the Pac-10 championships, the Cougs defended their honor as the top club team in the conference, finishing 5th in the V8+ and N8+ races. The V8+ got their revenge against UCLA, handily beating them by 5 seconds, and the N8+ was well ahead of USC, the other club entry in their race. The V8+ - which was actually the LW4+ headed to the ACRA championships & finished 4th.

The PCRC championships, which took place the day before, featured the WSU V4+ and LW4+ racing against heavy favorites Cal. WSU's V4+, composed of the top four rowers on the squad, were just beaten at the line by Cal, a varsity, international-talent laden crew. The LW4+, racing in the same event, finished 4th. The N8+ also had a day of productive racing, where they held an informal piece-style practice with UC-Davis.

To close the year out, the Cougs headed, once again, to the ACRA National Championships. They were fielding a V8+, a LW4+, and an N8+, and they definitely raced their hearts out. After a disappointing heat in which they finished 4th, the V8+ rebounded majorly to win their semi-finals and emphatically put themselves, for the second straight year, in the grand finals of the marquee event at the National Championships. They couldn't recapture their spot on the podium from last year, but they had a solid race and finished 6th overall.

The N8+ battled through their heats and semis and made it to the petite finals, where they looked to beat their seeding and put an exclamation point at the end of a good season. They did just that, finishing 2nd in the petite finals for the final race under historically successful Coach Julia Gamache's tenure with the team.

The LW4+, composed of 4 senior rowers who have raced together as a boat for all 4 years of their career, were just pushed out of grand final contention in their heats, finishing 3rd. Their time would have qualified them for the grand final had they raced in the other heat, but sometimes you're dealt a tough draw! In the petite finals, tragedy unfortunately struck as an oarlock popped open at the 1000m mark. The Cougs, who had been leading the race to that point, finished at the back of the pack after the mechanical trouble.

All in all, the season filled with great successes, like a historic Fawley Cup victory, and repeat appearances by the Cougs at the ACRA National Championships in both the V8+ and N8+ events. The Cougs solidified their position as one of the top club programs in the West, with several rowers taking home individual honors for the team. Seniors Paul Ehlers and Alan Scott were named to the ACRA West Coast All-Region team, Senior Coxswain Nichole Martin was named to the ACRA All-American 2nd team, Paul Ehlers was also named to the ACRA All-American 3rd team, Paul Lund was named to the ACRA All-Novice team, and senior Kramer Wahlberg was named to the All-Pac-10 first team. For their off the water merits, Josh Wadagnolo, Kramer Wahlberg, and Brandon Close were named to the 2011 ACRA All-Academic team. Senior Lightweight Brandon Close was invited to the US Senior National Team Lightweight 8+ camp at Dartmouth College, where he made it through several rounds of selection. Paul Ehlers and Alan Scott were also both invited to the ACRA All-Stars camp, hosted by the University of Michigan, that summer, where they both made the priority boat & the 4+ - that raced at U23 trials. They were also both a part of the ACRA 8+ that took home silver medals at the USRowing National Championships.

Prepared by oarsman Paul Ehlers '11


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The 2012-2013 season was quite successful for Cougar Crew. There were many outstanding achievements to be proud of. Highlights from the 2012 fall include the varsity 8+ defeating Gonzaga at the Head of the Snake and Cougar Crew sweeping Western Washington University at the DARE Dual. During the 2013 spring racing season, the Cougars dominated at Cascade Sprints, taking home two gold medals at Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Conference Championships, and finished out the season with the men's novice lightweight coxed four bringing home the Cougars first gold medal at the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta and their first national championship in the past 33 years. The varsity squad was coached by Arthur Ericsson, the novice men by Giles Dakin White, and the lightweight women by Dan Thayer.

The fall season was kick-started by the annual varsity only triathlon. Reflecting on the triathlon, head coach Arthur Ericsson remarked, "We've done it four years now and each year we've made great improvements. As it keeps moving in that direction, its primary goal is accomplished. It's always a fun way of training during the offseason."

At the Head of the Spokane, the varsity 8+ fell short of Gonzaga by 14 seconds. Determined to decrease the margin, they went into the Head of the Snake hungry. They were able to overcome margin and open up their own 15 second margin over Gonzaga to win with a final time of 16:08.

This year the annual DARE Duel against Western Washington University (WWU) was hosted on the Snake River. With the lightweight women participating in exhibitions, the men’s crew found success on all levels. During the first wave of racing, the first novice 8+ defeated WWU with a margin of 1:51. The second novice 8+ was able to keep the momentum going with their 2:01 finish ahead of WWU. Both of the varsity eights and two varsity fours finished ahead of WWU with significant margins.

At the Head of the Lake, the varsity 8+ placed 7th out of 12 crews with an overall time of 17:08, which included a 10 second penalty due to a lane violation. The lightweight women took an eight to Head of the Lake as well and placed 6th out of 7, with a time of 22:24. The alumni 8+ raced in the same event as the varsity 8+ and finished with a time of 19:14 placing 12th.

Over winter training the training center above the Outdoor Recreation Center was demolished and with it the training facility used by Cougar Crew for the past three years. With the help of University Recreation, the crew was able to establish a new larger training center on the 4th floor of the Hollingbery Fieldhouse, for exclusive use by Cougar Crew.

After the winter training, the crew was eager to begin the spring racing season. The Gonzaga erg duel was a great way for the men to make the transition from winter training to the racing atmosphere of spring. Making Cougar Crew history, senior varsity oarsmen Orion McCabe-Gould set the latest all-time 2k erg record with a time of 6:05.3 (2/13/2013).

The Cougar Crew Parent Boosters raised half $14,000 towards the purchase for a new 2011 demo Hudson Superpredator 8+. Alumni and friends of Cougar Crew matched the challenge of raising the other $14,000 of the money to purchase the new demo 8+.

The Cougars found early success in spring racing at Cascade Sprints which took place on American Lake, Tacoma, WA. The varsity 8+ and second varsity 8+ finished first in their respective heats and advanced to grand finals. In the grand final event, the varsity 8+ took first with the second varsity securing second place with times of 6:04.3 and 6:17.0 respectively. The novice A boat won their event and finished with a time qualifying them for the men's varsity 8+ petite finals. The novice 8+ A won varsity petites with a time of 6:25.1. The varsity 4+ won petites with a time of 7:26.1. The lightweight women's varsity 8+ came out of their first race with a personal and program best time of 7:37.5.

The Cougars competed in the 40th annual San Diego Crew Classic regatta, a first time for the women's lightweight crew since the 1980s. The lightweight women fielded a V8+, which took 4th behind Stanfords B boat. The men's V8+ took 3rd in petites, 9th in the regatta, after a great start, but was unable to hold off the Oklahoma City and University of California San Diego crews during the sprint. The JV8+ had a very competitive preliminary race having to face two boats from west coast power house University of California Berkeley and a very fast crew from the University of California Santa Barbara. As a result the Jv8+ was unable to qualify for the grand or petite finals, but was able to secure 1st place in 3rd finals over Bates College and the University of Southern California. The N8+ took 4th in both their preliminary and petite final events, narrowly falling to club rival San Diego State University by 2 seconds.

The Apple Cup Dual and Fawley Cup were not strong points of the spring season. The Cougs fell short of the University of Washington in all of the events. The Fawley Cup was returned to Gonzaga, but the varsity 8+ did not go down without a fight. They pulled a time of 6:20.1, about 9 seconds behind the Gonzaga University Bulldogs.

The crew approached the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) conference championships with great determination. The men fielded a V8+, JV8+, V2-, N8+, N4+, and a lightweight 4+. The lightweight women fielded a V2-, V4+, and N4+. The novice lightweight four comprised of Hayden Wise (cox), Austin Ebert, Jake Brisson, Michael Sheremet, and Jeff Arnevick, who won their grand final only event by over 25 seconds of second place Orange Coast College. Breanna Trimble and Shayla Boyle competed as lightweights in an open weight women's pair race. They edged out Hulbert State University by 4 seconds to bring home a gold medal. The men's N8+ took 5th in grand finals with a time of 6:23.4. The V8+ faced stiff competition and also took 5th in the grand finals finishing with a time of 6:14.3. JV8+ pulled a 6:26.6 in their petite final just 0.2 seconds behind University of California Santa Barbara. The pair comprised of John Dingman and Jaz Gill who placed 10th overall.

For the third year in a row the men's V8+ and novice 8+ kick started their postseason by competing in the Opening Day Regatta in Seattle. The V8+ took 3rd, 3 seconds behind 2nd place University of British Columbia. The N8+ finished 4th with a time of 6:46.

The men's crew sent the V8+, V4+, and N8+ onto the Pacific Athletic Conference (PAC-12) Championship Regatta. The N8+ took 5th at the regatta, beating out Stanford's crew by nearly 17 seconds, but fell short of 4th place University of Colorado by less than 3 seconds. The V4+ took 4th, also beating out Stanford. The V8+ placed 5th at the regatta finishing nearly 30 seconds ahead of American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) rival Colorado.

The Cougars were able to find great success at the ACRA National Championship Regatta, bringing home their first national championship in 33 years. The lightweight novice 4+ won the national championship after crushing their closest competition, the University of Michigan, by over 8 seconds. The heavyweight novice 4+ also did well at ACRA's, placing 4th overall, battling it out against the best club teams the nation has to offer. The varsity 4+ placed 14th out of 23 boats after their 7th place finish in the petite finals over the University of Rochester. The V8+ finished 3rd in petites, behind west coast rival the University of California Los Angeles and the prestigious University of Notre Dame. Although the V8+ fell short of their grand final expectations, they were able to secure 11th place overall, beating their seedling by 2.

Prepared by oarsman Jaz Gill '14

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