The Pull Hard Archives

If you feel out of the loop on this topic, the Pull Hard was the team's newsletter for three decades. It was created and paid for by alumni (now created and funded by the club), and it was used to relay results and schedules and happenings. Its other big purpose was to keep all of us in touch, to build a sense of community among the alumni. There has been some significant time gaps in its publication history, but we hope this time that will change. People like Rich Ray and Kathleen Randall wrote most of the material and did the layout in the 80's and 90's (info straight from Roger Crawford's old site). The information is really interesting and it tells us of the historical events that happened before.

If you could tell us something about the Pull Hard or the team in general that we don't know, then please let us know. We are always interested in preserving the team's history. With this in mind, if you have old copies of the Pull Hard, it would be great to have copies of them. Please email them to us in any format and we will post them for all to see. As of now Doug Engle, former rower and loyal alumni association officer (the original one), is scanning a bunch of them and sending pdf's our way.

If you know something we do not, then shoot us an email. If you have copies of a Pull Hard issue that we do not have listed here, then please help us out by scanning one in and sending it over. Also, if you know the editor of one of these issues, then help us give credit where credit is due.

If you have pulled an oar or coxed a boat for the Cougar Crew and have not been receiving a newsletter, please forgive us. Our contact information is far from complete and we struggle to maintain current records. Please submit your information by filling out the form linked under "submit contact information". and pressing the submit button. Your contact information will go straight to our Publisher and our web admin team, and we promise your information will not be sold or used for any other devious purpose.

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