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Crew is a sport of strength, courage, teamwork, and, above all, determination. It requires both synchronization and coordination that can be mastered through challenging, but rewarding practice. The payoff to all this hard work is each person who rows with us will find themselves in peak physical condition, feeling a sense of pride of accomplishment few have ever experienced, and finding friendship with those who work just as hard to be as competitive as possible.

"Crew is a sport unlike any other. It is an experience that will leave a lasting impression on you for the rest of your life. We like to say, "If you can do crew, you can do anything."

The Training

We row Monday-Friday in the afternoon. We leave for the boathouse at 3:15 PM, which is at Wawawai Landing on the Snake River; transportation is provided. If you have a class conflict with any practice time, the coaches will work with you to make this work.


Perhaps the most common question among recruits is about time. Crew is a very large commitment, but it doesn't mean that rowers cannot excel in the classroom and in other extracurricular activities. We have had rowers involved in ROTC, Nuthouse Improv Comedy, Intramural Sports, WSU Dairy Production, the Cougar Marching Band, and other clubs. We have been honored as the UREC club with the top academics several times. In addition, Varsity rowers are continually selected as First Team Pac-10 All-Academic, as well as a First and Second Team ACRA Academic All-Americans. Men's Crew prides itself on committing to a rigorous year-long training regiment while still shining in the classroom.

Learning to Row

Rowing experience is not necessary and few members of the team had ever rowed before joining. 2013's Novice Lightweight 4+ that won the ACRA national championship and 2009's Novice 8+ crew that took 2nd at Nationals were comprised entirely of walk-ons with no prior rowing experience.

The Structure

The team is athlete run by an Officer core elected by the rowers. 40+ students hire the coaches, decide where we race, and help to raise funds for the team. As a result, the paid coaches are left to focus on coaching.

The Competition

The team is constantly medaling at many of the events we attend. We compete against the other schools in the Pac-12 and other schools from all over the west coast. The team and coaches provide the elements necessary to produce winning boats; all that is missing is your hard work and dedication.

Other Information

2016-17 Racing Schedule

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WSU Men's Rowing Recruits!

Thinking of coming over to WSU for academics? Are you interested in the sport of rowing? Have Rowing experience? What does it take to be on the team? What does it take to be accepted into one of the finest Universities in the west? These are all questions that we would be happy to help you out with. WSU Men's Rowing is a fast growing power in Pac-12 rowing. We have nothing but the highest of hopes in the direction that we are heading. Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as fast as we can. This call for recruits is not restricted to the incoming Freshmen class. Many of our new rowers every year are not Freshmen. To get involved right now, email Head Coach Arthur Ericsson. It does not matter whether you have prior rowing experience or not, as most WSU rowers have never rowed prior to coming to college. The Crew is also seeking coxswains, the individual who is responsible for steering the boat, making technical calls, executing race plans, and providing encouragement and motivation to the rowers. Coxswains can be male or female. The ideal weight for coxswains is 125 lbs. or less, but anyone under 145 is welcomed to come out. Please, feel free to contact coaches directly. They are happy, willing, and able to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about WSU Men's Rowing. Until then, check out Washington State University and all it has to offer! Follow this link to find information on WSU Admissions. **WSU Web Site**

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